Who We Are

Suzi McClellan

Suzi McClellan brings over two decades of Texas regulatory and legislative experience to Good Company Associates, and now serves as its President and principle advocate.

Ms. McClellan was first appointed by former Governor Bush and reappointed by Governor Perry to be Public Counsel of the Office of Public Utility Counsel where she served for over 12 years.  Ms. McClellan directed the agency during the transition to competition of both the electric and telecommunications industries.  As Public Counsel, Ms. McClellan represented residential and small commercial customers in a wide variety of rulemakings and contested cases, including those required to implement retail competition.  As Public Counsel, Ms. McClellan was responsible for all policy positions of the agency as well as the litigation strategy on multi-million dollar cases.

Ms. McClellan has worked extensively with the legislature on a variety of electric and telecommunications issues, including the electric restructuring legislation, where Ms. McClellan worked successfully to pass key provisions for the benefit of residential and small business customers.  Ms. McClellan served on the Board of Directors of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas from 1999-2007.  During this time, ERCOT transitioned into the Independent System Operator that is responsible for operating the electric grid as well as managing the competitive wholesale and retail markets.

As Good Company Associates Director of State Affairs and now as President, Ms.
McClellan has successfully represented companies and coalitions on a range of issues ranging from wind and solar power to natural gas generation planning, from energy efficiency programs to load management and demand response, from transmission line approval and construction to rules to permit energy storage to provide ancillary services, before State leadership, the legislature, the PUC and other agencies, and the ERCOT ISO.

Ms. McClellan, an attorney, received her Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas School of Law and her Bachelor of Science in Communication from the University of Texas.

Robert J. King

King founded Good Company Associates in 1991, and the firm has played an important role in the evolution of utility policy, including electric restructuring, advanced meter infrastructure and smart energy technology, demand response, energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy storage, distributed generation, and performance contracting in the subsequent years.  Now serving as Vice President for Policy, for Smart Energy Water, King continues as owner and senior emeritus adviser to the firm.

Previously King served as a Vice President of Resource Management International, now Navigant Consulting, and regional director of KENETECH Corporation.  King also had a 20-year career in government, serving as the youngest senior manager at the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1979, and as an energy policy adviser to the Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, and the Lt. Governor and Governor of Texas.  He created and directed an Office of Natural Resources for the Texas Agriculture Commissioner.  He was also an adviser to the Governor of California, serving as the director of the Governor’s SolarCal Council, the Governor’s Local Government Commission on Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy, and the California Public Utility Commission’s Advisory Committee.

King was the founder of a number of organizations including the Texas Solar Energy Society in 1977, the Texas Renewable Energy Industry Association in 1983, the California Wind Energy Association in 1982, and the Agricultural Gas Users Association in 1985. He was Chairman of the CalSEAL (Solar Energy Assurance Labeling) program in 1983. King was a member of the Texas Governor’s Sustainable Energy Development Commission in 1992.  King helped establish the Center for Commercialization of Electric Technologies  (CCET), was the CEO of the South Central Partnership for Energy Efficiency as a Resource (SPEER) until 2017. He is a former board member of the Gulf Coast Power Association, the Peak Load Management Association and Mission:data, and is a current board member of the Washington, DC based Advanced Energy Management Alliance.  He is currently working with SEW to launch a new venture, initially titled Smart Meter Global, to facilitate data exchange for the expanding world of energy-related data.

Susan King

Since 2001, Susan has worked for Good Company Associates, as Chief Financial Officer, and took on the additional responsibilities of General Office Manager in 2008. As an integral part of the organization, Susan is involved in all day to day efforts, client accounts, collections, reporting, payroll and human resources.

While at Good Company, Susan was involved in the formation and accounting for three non-profit organizations that have been managed and staffed by Good Company. A group of national manufacturers organized to form Fuel Cells Texas, a 501 (c) (6), for the promotion of this new clean energy industry, which operated from 2001 – 2005. Good Company also provided accounting and staffing for the Texas Foundation for Innovative Communities, a 501 (c) (3), from 2008 – 1010. Susan was instrumental to the organization of SPEER, which is a 501 (c)(3) organized in 2011 and staffed by Good Company.

Before joining Good Company, Susan worked as a staff accountant for Cade & Company, a CPA firm in Dallas and passed the CPA exam in 1989. Susan graduated from University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in business in 1986.


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